AnTS - Video Gallery

In this short tutorial (~10 min) you can learn how to use AR and color tracking with AnTS.

In this example, AnTS was used to assess the level of agitation of Alzheimer patients by means of an overhead camera.

In this example, AnTS was used to track how an axonal growth cone would explore its environment in a lab preparation.

In this example, AnTS was used to track the 2D trajectory of a flying moth in a wind tunnel while performing chemical plume tracking.

This example demonstrates AnTS auto-tracking capabilities (detection, creation and deletion of items).

This video illustrates AnTS capabilities for automatic detection and multiple object tracking.

This video is used to show the consistency of tracking of AnTS when confronted with crossing and interfering objects and obstacles.

AnTS used to guide a pan-tilt camera to follow the behavior or an ant in a maze laboratory setup.

This video illustrates the color tracking features of AnTS applied to track the upper limb movements of a person.

This video illustrates the lens undistorsion capabilities of AnTS when used with a wide-angle camera.